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July 4th, 2009

01:55 pm - Mando Diao/Sugarplum Fariy

Feist| 01-10
Cat Power| 11-16
Ladyhawke| 17-23
Emily Haines| 24-32
Emily&Feist| 33-35
Voxtrot| 36-40
Metric| 41-46
Mando Diao| 47-49
Arctic Monkeys| 50-53
Late Of The Pier| 54-57
Klaxons| 58-60
The Films| 61-62
Friendly Fires| 63-65
Ra Ra Riot| 66-68
Digitalism| 69-72
White Lies| 73
The Kooks| 74-76
Sugarplum Fairy| 77-78
MGMT| 79-81
Kilians| 82-83
+Emily Haines WALLPAPER


We've got time.all the time.
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June 27th, 2009

11:39 pm - Stina Nordenstam

The first thing that come to my mind when I think about Swedish music is Stina Nordenstam
I hope you all know her
Here is a review of one her most beautiful songs, even though my all time favourite is Sharon & Hope

Stina Nordenstam

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June 26th, 2009

05:22 pm - The sounds!
The Sounds are hands down my fav swedish band. their new album "crossing the rubicon" is phenomenal! they recently performed "No one sleeps when i'm awake" on letterman

check it out:

The Sounds on myspace!

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June 25th, 2009

06:01 pm - eskobar

I found this cute article about Eskobar's 2002 hit Someone New, you know the one with heather nova, with them in the coffee shop. If you like the band, you should read it, is very nice


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June 13th, 2009

10:14 am - ta på mej
Ok weird request and I know it isnt Swedish but I thought people here might know.
Anyone know where I can find, for download, the original version in norwegian of 80s pop hit Ta på mej-Take on me by A-ha?

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June 9th, 2009

07:08 pm - The Legends-
The Legends are a great band from Sweden that I've been listening to lately. They have a new album coming out June 16th. It's titled "Over and Over" and personally, I believe it's their best work yet! Make sure you check out the track "Seconds Away" on their Myspace page: here.

I think fans of bands like The Raveonettes and Mary Onettes would LOVE this records. You should definately check it out!

Click here to Pre-Order "Over and Over"

If you're in the NYC area make sure to check out their upcoming shows this month:

Jun 23 2009 8:00P Bell House BROOKLYN, New York
Jun 24 2009 8:00P Santos NEW YORK, New York
Jun 26 2009 8:00P Studio NEW YORK, New York

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March 22nd, 2009

07:55 pm
Hey guys! Awhile back I posted about a great up-and-coming artist, John Emmell. You can download the EP here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=R61540S2

He also just launched a new song on his Myspace called "15 Minutes of Fame" which I uploaded as well for your downloading pleasure. (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WCH61PV0)

Check out the Myspace at www.myspace.com/johnemmell and the website at www.johnemmell.com

He just performed "15 minutes" as the halftime show of last week's quarter finals of the Swedish Basketball League in Uppsala and apparently video is forthcoming
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March 13th, 2009

12:46 am - friday bridge
Hello -- saw this music community and knew I had to get in on it. I'm a music blogger -- and completely obsessed with the Swedish music scene. A review of the new Friday Bridge album lives here. If you do a blog search for "sweden" or "swedish" you'll find a lot of material.

Keep the good times rolling, can't wait to get some new recs.


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March 11th, 2009

01:31 pm - New Interview With Peter Wichers of Soilwork

Peter talks about his reasons for leaving Soilwork, why he came back, and the band's plans for the future. He also promises that their will be no more lineup changes.

Click HERE to read.

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March 6th, 2009

08:44 pm - hi!
hello everyone! how are you??
so i thought this might be semi-relevant at the least to this community, but if not, let me know :]
i am going to be traveling to stockholm with my university in a couple months for several weeks and i was wondering if any of you know of a place where i might be able to play some of my music (not for money, just to have the opportunity)? are there any open mics or cafe shops that you know of existing there that might do something of the sort? this has always been a dream of mine and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, much love!
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