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Swedish Music Community

Swedish Music
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All Members , Moderated
New Rules:

- Please do not post copyrighted materials without permission from copyright holder. Basically, if you have a song, don’t post it. However, if a song is being offered for download on the artist’s website or via another legitimate website, feel free to link to that file.

- Please do not ask for music files. Since you are on LiveJournal I’ll assume you have at least have a basic knowledge of the Internet. There are other places to find what you are looking for. Just don’t do it here.

More info about this here.

This is a community for all of you Swedish music lovers.

Being a North American fan of Swedish bands, it can be hard to find information about some of these bands. I would like this community to be the place where fans in and outside of Sweden can exchange information about their favourite Swedish bands. Share with us any news, tour dates, music gossips, concert reviews, or any other related information.

When you join, please introduce yourself and tell us how your interest in Swedish music began.

There really aren't any rules in this community except to use your common sense. Treat everyone in a civil matter. Personal attacks and flames will not be tolerated.

Check out our sister community, danish_music, and our friend, finnish_music by perhonen

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